Montessori School Serving North Attleboro

Half- and Full-Day Programs for Children Ages 18 Months to 12 Years

Hands-On Montessori School is a community of children, families and teachers dedicated to inspiring and nurturing the development of each student’s independence, self-confidence, self respect, and creativity — enabling each child to reach his/her full potential as a global citizen and life-long learner.

Hands On Montessori School offers a comprehensive curriculum that is grounded in the Montessori Pedagogy. Our school’s programs include:

Additionally, we offer early drop off (7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) and after care (3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) for families that need it.

Since 2003, our reputation and convenient location have allowed us to serve North Attleboro families who frequently travel along the Route 95/495 corridor. We are conveniently located 2 mins off Exit 7A off Route 95.

Dr Jamielee Shanahan – North Attleboro:
Hands-On Montessori has been such a big part of our family over the last 3 years. The school has made a huge positive impact on our daughters and it’s really shown us what our girls are capable of at their age. We are so grateful for the wonderful years we have been part of the HOMS family!!

Joe and Melanie Hoffman- North Attleboro:
We have been wildly impressed by our experiences as Hands On Montessori (‘HOMs’) parents. While the school is available to children beginning at 2 years 9 months; we only ‘found’ HOMs when our son was 5 and our daughter was four. Our son began mid-year at age 5 and attended a 1/2 year independently, and our daughter began pre-K this year. We only wish we had started our children here earlier.
As parents without the Montessori experience, we realize that this is a methodology that places emphasis on the unique talents and interests of your child and fosters them. We are somewhat envious that our own parents didn’t find this education in our own childhoods. As products of public school education, we didn’t know what to expect from a Montessori experience. There is plenty of great material online, we often revisit these simple videos: (, and here – for a great comparison between Montessori and Public School (

For background; as working parents, when our children were younger we were fortunate to find a decent day care /pre-school in North Attleboro where we live. As our eldest approached kindergarten, we realized the school, while a safe and caring environment, was not providing any challenges and/or stimulation for him in his third year there.

Mornings became increasingly difficult with serious tears and protests of “ I don’t want to go to school!”. After a few weeks; our belief that “this must be ‘normal’…” became a question “is this normal?” which became a belief ; “this isn’t normal !”. So we pursued other schools.

Let us be specific about HOMs:
1)the teachers are dedicated and committed to seeing your children be their best-selves.
2)the student: teacher ratio means your child gets more attention – when they need it – relative to other schools (particularly public).
3) at the end of his first week – we saw significant joy in our son and after week three he brought home an impressive clay diorama depicting his version of an Emu based on their study of Australia. He had spent significant time and energy – over several weeks time – and told us, with pride, over dinner of its unique physical characteristics and habitat. Something clicked in him.

At his prior pre-school: he was often handed a worksheet to ‘trace the alphabet’, we were often told the goal was to “get in line with ’state standards’ for Kindegarten. An experience preparing the child for a lifetime of meeting bureaucratic standards / or ‘teaching to the test’ was decidedly not a priority for us.

Our daughter often speaks of her interactions with the “littles” in her room – and how she re-inforces what she’s learning by ‘helping her little friends’ (the younger children in her cohort). As parents, we have enjoyed seeing elements of HOMs come home; living by the ’Be Rules…’ and having our own ‘Peace Place’ at home with a ‘Peace Rose’ to resolve disputes.

If you are looking for a community of liked minded parents who are making life long learning a priority for their children, HOMs is a great place for your family.

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