Fostering Individual and Group Learning

In both the Primary School and Lower Elementary program, children develop, learn and grow through individual and cooperative learning experiences that combine the traditional Montessori curriculum with national and state curriculum standards. The programs are designed to address each child’s natural development, including physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills. Child centered classrooms provide an environment in which the child feels secure and confident and where there is freedom of choice, personal responsibility and a rich variety of work from which to choose.

Individualized Teaching and Learning

A school based on the Montessori Method has at its foundation, trust and respect for the individual and the result is children who typically soar beyond traditional expectations. Advanced children are continually challenged. Children with special needs, or those developing at a different rate, get a solid foundation at their own pace, in a fully-inclusive environment, and on a time-line that is right for them. As we believe children develop at different rates, being “potty trained” is not a requirement for admission into the primary program.

We Celebrate Diversity

Hands-On Montessori School is committed to building a sense of community within the richness of a contemporary learning environment. A learning environment in which the diversity of racial and ethnic heritages, economic and social classes, gender, physical and mental abilities, religious and spiritual beliefs, family structures and opinions are celebrated and used as a teaching tool to prepare students for life as citizens in the larger global society.

Gender Balanced, Multi-Age Classrooms

In keeping with the tenets of the Montessori Method, our school strives to maintain age and gender-balanced, multi-age classrooms.

Additional Information

We encourage you to read “A Parent’s Guide To The Montessori Classroom” by Aline D. Wolf. We also maintain a collection of books and materials for parents to read as well as a reference/bibliography of books and resources available online or for purchase.

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