Developing Intellectual and Social Skills

Hands-On Montessori School maintains a regular faculty of qualified and Montessori highly trained teachers. We maintain facility offering a full scope of Montessori materials along with other developmentally appropriate activities in each class. Activities are carried out over an approximate 164-day school year. The school calendar is developed according to the guidelines of the district’s public school calendar but tailored to meet the needs of the Montessori system which allows for parent/teacher conferences twice per year, new student interviews once per year and the occasional school closing for staff development and training.

This hour begins at 11:30 AM and continues through lunch until 12:30 PM. At 12:30 the children are either dismissed for home or on to their next class. Lunch Bunch is a social time that includes lessons in grace and courtesy, nutrition, and ecology. It also includes time for music and literature. If your child is enrolled in our half day primary program and the demands of your family’s schedule require an extra hour of care, then the Lunch Bunch may be just what you need.

HOMS offers a fee based early drop off care from 7:30 to 8:30 AM and after care from 3:30 t0 5:30 PM for families who may need it. Early drop off and aftercare is available for students enrolled in our Primary, Full Day Pre-K Enrichment, Extended Day K and Elementary Programs only.

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